Simeka: Markets at a Glance – May 2024

This publication provides a monthly review of major indexes, important macroeconomic indicators and an overview of the highs and lows of the stock market for the period. Read more...

Simeka: Economic Commentary March 2024

The performance of the domestic economy fell short of expectations and financial markets performed poorly in the run-up to South Africa’s 2024 general election. Marcus Rautenbach comments that...

Two-pot Retirement System: Change in Implementation Date

As discussed in previous communications, the key proposals to move towards the two-pot retirement system, was first published by National Treasury in the draft Revenue Laws Amendment Bill (RLAB) on...

Update: Two-pot retirement system summary

In this communication, we provide a summary on the progress of the Two-pot retirement system, from when the key proposals were first published by National Treasury in July 2022, together with the...

Simeka Update: The two-pot retirement system progress

More information about the draft legislation in the pipeline that introduces the two-pot retirement system. Read more...

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The Growth Portfolio consists of both a local and an offshore component. The local component is split in equal portions between the following investment managers: Allan Gray, Coronation and Ninety One. It should be noted that differences in investment returns of the managers result in changes in manager allocations from time to time. The offshore component is managed by Willis Towers Watson.

The composition of the Growth Portfolio per manager allocation as at 30 November 2022 was as follows: